Second PhD completed in UniTTe!

On 23rd November 2017, Alexander R.M. Forsting successfully completed his doctoral degree by defending his PhD thesis. Congrats Alex!

Download the slides of the defence here. The final version of the PhD thesis will soon be publicly available on DTU Orbit.

One PhD completed in UniTTe!

On 30th August 2017, Antoine Borraccino defended his PhD thesis and thus successfully completed his doctoral degree.

The slideshow and audio of the defence can be accessed in the above video. You can also download the slides of the presentation. The final version of the PhD thesis is publicly available on DTU Orbit.

UniTTe workshop - 15 Nov 2016

The project results up to date and experience and expectations from wind energy industry regarding the use of nacelle lidars for turbine performance assessment were presented and discussed in a dedicated 1 day workshop on the 15th of November 2016 with 39 participants.

Links to the workshop presentations and pictures

Antoine Borraccino wins the LiDARs' zapping competition at Wind Europe Summit 2016

The audience has selected his presentation "V infinity is found" about the concept of free stream wind speed estimation from nacelle lidars measurements within the induction zone.

See the slides: "Near flow measurements with nacelle lidars: the future of power performance"

The flow upstream of a row of aligned wind turbine rotors and its effect on power production

CFD simulations of the inflow to a row of wind turbines have shown that the power production of the turbines deviate significantly compared to a corresponding isolated turbine even though there is no direct wake turbine interaction.

Find the link to the paper here

Start of Nørrekær Enge measurement campaign

A 2.3MW Siemens turbine has been instrumented with two profiling nacelle lidars – ZDM and 5-beam Avent lidars. Power and full loads sensors have also been installed. The measurement campaign started at the end of May 2015 and will last 6 months. The wind farm is located in Nørrekær Enge in the North of Jutland, DK.
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2 UniTTe nacelle lidars have been calibrated in Høvsøre, DK


The two profiling nacelle lidars of UniTTe being calibrated in Høvsøre, DK. Avent 5-beam Demonstrator is on the left – ZephIR Dual-Mode lidar is on the right.

See more pictures - or get more information

3D inflow measurement

The first measurement campaign of UniTTe has been taking place at DTU Risø Campus test site between August and October 2014. The Windscanner technology has been used to measure the inflow to the 500kW Nordtank wind turbine while the DTU Wind Energy developed 2D rotor plane Spinner Lidar has been installed on the nacelle of the turbine and provides radial wind speed measurement of the inflow in the entire rotor plane, with very high spatial resolution.

Photo: Colourbox

Welcome to UniTTe

UniTTe will deliver new Measurement procedures - describing how modern nacelle-mounted lidars should be calibrated and how to use them for load and power Measurements. These new procedures will be scrutinised by a range of participating organisations - developers, manufacturers and standards bodies. Ultimately we anticipate that UniTTe will deliver the scientific basis for the next generation of international power and load standards.

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