WP2 presentation at the DEWEK conference, 19-20 May, 2015

Wednesday 18 Mar 15

Date, time & place

Date:   20 May, 2015

Time:   At 10.45

Place:  Congress Centrum Bremen
            28215 Bremen, Germany

            Session 13.

Antoine Borraccino will present the lidar calibration procedures developed in UniTTe at the DEWEK conference in Bremen on 19-20 May, 2015. The oral presentation “Calibration Procedures for Nacelle-Mounted Profiling LiDARs” will take place on 20 May, at 10:45 at Session 13.

The methodology developed in order to calibrate the line-of-sight velocity measured by nacelle lidars will be presented. The testing and data analysis methods have been developed bearing in mind they should be adaptable to any type of nacelle lidar, both pulsed and continuous wave, and therefore generic. The results of their application to two different commercially available lidars – the Aventlidar 5-beam Demonstrator and the Zephir Dual Mode – will also be presented and will include the assessment of measurement uncertainties.