UniTTe at Wind Europe conference & exhibition 2017

Thursday 02 Nov 17

Results from UniTTe project will be presented at the Wind Europe conference & exhibition 2017 in Amsterdam (28-30 Nov. 2017), with three presentations.

Three presentations with scientific results from the UniTTe project will be given by DTU researchers. Find more details and links to the abstracts below:

N. DimitrovA. Natarajan, R. Wagner: “Load validation using nacelle-mounted lidars: progress and challenges” (poster sessions)

A. Borraccino, R. Wagner, N. Dimitrov, N. Troldborg, A.R. Meyer Forsting: “Power curve measurement using nacelle lidar estimates of V infinity and its uncertainty” (30 Nov., room Emerald, 9:30), presentation slides link.

G. G. Yankova, M. Courtney: “Do we need to classify nacelle lidars(30 Nov., room Emerald, 9:30)


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