The Second measurement campaign on UniTTe has started

Monday 22 Jun 15

Turbine inflow measurements with two nacelle profiling lidars on a wind farm in North Denmark.

The purpose of the UniTTe project is to provide the basis of the new generation standards for power performance and load testing of electricity producing wind turbines. The vision is to use nacelle lidars to measure the wind conditions closer to the rotor and thereby increase the correlations with power and loads and at the same time decrease the effect of the terrain on the flow.

This second measurement campaign aims at developing and testing the method in flat terrain. The measurements at Nørrekær Enge started mid May 2015 and will continue until the end of this year before moving to wind farms in complex terrain in 2016.

After a successful first measurement campaign on a single turbine, it was time to increase complexity and move to an operating wind farm. One of the 13 Siemens turbines of the Nørrekær Enge wind farm owned by Vattenfall has been heavily instrumented with sensors in order to measure and correlate inflow conditions with power and loads. The turbine has a rated power of 2.3 MW, a hub height of 80 m and a rotor diameter of 93 m. The measurement setup includes IEC compliant loads and power measurements through strain gauges on blades and tower and voltage and current transducers, while the wind conditions are measured by an IEC compliant met. mast and two profiling nacelle lidars, a ZephIR Dual Mode and a 5-beam Demonstrator from Avent Lidar Technology.
28 JANUARY 2023