Graphics showing the partners and advisory board in the project

The partners

- combine the extensive research excellence of the academic partners (DTU and University of Stuttgart) with their many years of research on wind lidars, the wind energy market knowledge of the industrial partners (RES, Vattenfall, DONG Energy, Siemens and Envision), the knowledge of the lidar technology of the lidar manufacturers (Avent and ZephIR) and the experience of procedure standardisation of the standardisation bodies (DNV GL and Danish Standards). This team covers all relevant roles and players in the field both with national and international partners.

DTU Wind Energy

- is a department of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). With a staff of over 240 employees, the department is world leading both in size and international impact within wind energy research. Of particular relevance to UniTTe is the department’s track record in leading power performance standardisation (convener of IEC 61400-12-1) and its dominant role in promoting remote sensing in wind energy (Remote Sensing work package leader in FP6 UpWind project and work package leaders in IEA Wind Annex 32). The department (also under its former Risø National Laboratory patronage) has extensive experience in leading large projects, such as EU UpWind, EU InnWind and the recently completed EUDP Nacelle Lidar. Scientists from three of the departments sections: Wind Turbines, Test and Measurements, and Aeroelastic Design will collaborate within UniTTe.

University of Stuttgart

- has a Wind Energy Measurement Group who have been pioneering within the area of scanning pulsed lidars. In particular, they are currently working on improving the measurements from ground based and nacelle mounted lidars in complex terrain, with their project “Lidar Complex”, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Environment. A close collaboration between the two universities on this topic will be beneficial to both UniTTe and Lidar Complex. Furthermore, the planned collaboration closely adheres to the Joint Declaration on Cooperation in the Field of Research on Offshore Wind Energy Deployment, an agreement between the German, Danish and Swedish governments signed in December 2007 in which measurement of basic parameters such as wind velocities is identified as a prioritised research area. Stuttgart University will be host of one of the PhD students for a secondment.

Renewable Energy Systems (RES)

- is based in the UK and is a leading international developer, constructor and operator of renewable energy projects, with wind energy as the central part of their portfolio. RES have constructed over 6 GW of wind energy projects in total and currently operate over 700MW in a growing portfolio. As part of a continuing effort to reduce costs, RES were the first to propose the concept of using nacelle lidar measurements at short range as the wind speed reference for power performance verification. They will participate actively in the project by providing access to a wind turbine in complex terrain where the short range measurements can be compared to the traditional procedure. RES will also provide input and feedback regarding the new short range power performance procedure.


- is one of the largest energy providers in Europe. Wind energy is an important and growing part of their portfolio and they have a substantial number of wind farms both onshore and offshore. Due to this diversity, Vattenfall is an ideal project partner since they have much to gain from a unification of power performance methods. Their technical personnel have been actively engaged in power performance testing and standardization for many years. Vattenfall Denmark will provide access to both an offshore wind turbine and a similar wind turbine in complex terrain.

Avent Lidar Technology (Avent)

- is a French company involved in the manufacture of nacelle-based pulsed lidar products. Since their formation in 2009, Avent have been active in pursuing the technical and scientific benefits of pulsed nacelle-lidar systems and were active participants in the previous EUDP project. In this project, they will provide a pulsed nacelle-lidar system that is able to measure wind shear and wind veer. They will provide detailed technical insight concerning the lidar that will be of particular relevance in the calibration work-package.

ZephIR Lidar Ltd (ZephIR)

- is also a major manufacturer of lidar systems both for ground based and nacelle-based applications, based in the UK. ZephIR lidars are based on continuous wave technology. Like Avent, ZephIR will contribute both with a lidar system for the various field campaigns and also the technical insight needed to perform the calibrations and field measurements. ZephIR has participated in several collaborative projects with DTU like UpWind and HTF Wind Lidar Integration in Wind Turbines for Enhanced Productivity and Control.

Den Norske VeritasGermanischer Lloyd (DNVGL)

- is a major consulting and certification body with activities in many fields. Within wind energy they are considered as the major, independent accreditation agency. DNV GL will participate in reviewing the formulated procedures and help to ensure industrial relevance and best practice rigour.

Danish standards (DS)

- are the standards governing body in Denmark. They will also review the new procedures, in particular with respect to their future adoption in international standards.

DONG Energy Wind Power (DE)

- is the market leader within offshore wind energy. They have an extensive track record with more than 20 years of experience within the offshore wind industry. As their activities are focused on Northern Europe with Denmark, the UK and Germany being their most important markets, they own the largest portfolio of offshore wind farms in Northern Europe. DE were also a partner in our previous project and they are an obvious potential end-user of the procedures we aim at developing in UniTTe. They will review the procedures as they are being developed and give feedback from a user point of view in order to make sure these procedures respond to their expectations.

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

- is one of the world leading wind turbine manufacturers. Their wind turbines are installed both onshore and offshore. They therefore have a particular interest in power performance measurement techniques that can be applied in any type of terrain. They were partners of our previous project “Nacelle mounted lidar for power curve measurement”.

Envision Energy (Envision)

- is a relatively small but highly innovative Chinese wind turbine manufacturer. In 2010 Envision established their Global Innovation Centre in Silkeborg, Denmark, from whom the UniTTe participants will be drawn. Envision is already collaborating with DTU in the EUDP funded project “Demonstration of Partial Pitch 2-bladed wind turbine”. Envision have demonstrated a refreshing open-mindedness which will make them ideal reviewers of UniTTe’s innovative new procedures.

Akuo Energy

- is a french developer and operator of renewable energy projects. Akuo Energy entered the partners' agreement of the UniTTe project in 2017. They contribute to the project by providing access to a full-scale measurement campaign at the Croatian site of Ogorje. The purpose of the campaign is to measure the power performance of a wind turbine using a nacelle-mounted lidar in complex terrain.
13 JULY 2024