10 SEP

UniTTe at the Science of Making Torque from Wind conference 2016

Alexander R.M. Forsting will present “A numerical study on the flow upstream of a wind turbine in complex terrain ” at the Torque conference 2016  in Munich...

13 APR

UniTTe at the ISARS 2016 conference – Wind field reconstruction

Antoine Borraccino will present how nacelle lidars’ measurements can be used to reconstruct free wind parameters at the ISARS 2016 conference in Varna, Bulgaria...

30 OCT

First ”live” images from air flow in complex terrain around wind turbine

After post-processing some of the raw data from the Perdigão experiment, conducted by researchers from DTU Wind Energy in May till June of this year, a real-world...

22 JUN

The Second measurement campaign on UniTTe has started

Turbine inflow measurements with two nacelle profiling lidars on a wind farm in North Denmark.

28 MAY

WP5 presentation at the ICASP12 conference

Nikolay Dimitrov will present a methodology to incorporate lidar measurements in load calculations at the ICASP12 conference  in Vancouver on 12-15 July, 2015.   ...

12 MAY

Follow blog on the Perdigao experiment

Follow the blog on the short and long range Windscanner in Portugal.

19 MAR

WP1 presentation at the Wake Conference, 9-11 June 2015

Alexander Raul Mayer Forsting will present his first results on induction modelling and simulations at the “ Wake conference ”, 9-11 June 2015 in Visby, Sweden.

19 MAR

WP3 presentation at the DEWEK conference, 19-20 May 2015

Attending the  DEWEK Conference on 19-20 May 2015?   Don't miss the opportunity to hear about UniTTe first Measurement campaign on 20 May.

18 MAR

WP2 presentation at the DEWEK conference, 19-20 May, 2015

Antoine Borraccino will present the lidar calibration procedures developed in UniTTe at the DEWEK conference in Bremen on 19-20 May, 2015. The oral presentation  “Calibration...


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