Measurement campaign in Ogorje, in partnership with Akuo Energy

Saturday 01 Jul 17

The 3rd measurement campaign of the UniTTe project was conducted between June and August 2017 in Ogorje, Croatia. A partnership was established with Akuo Energy, who became a member of the UniTTe project. The purpose of the campaign is to demonstrate how nacelle lidar measurements can benefit power performance testing in complex terrain.

The UniTTe project aims at providing the scientific basis of the new generation standards for power performance and load testing of electricity producing wind turbines. The vision is to use nacelle lidars to measure the wind conditions closer to the rotor and thereby increase the correlations with power and loads and at the same time decrease the effect of the terrain on the flow.

Akuo Energy became in 2017 a partner of the UniTTe project. Thanks to this collaboration, the third measurement campaign of UniTTe was conducted between June and August 2017 at the Ogorje wind farm in Croatia. The site is located in a mountainous area and can be categorised as complex. The wind farm comprises 14 Vestas V112-3MW turbines (see Google Earth pictures below), in operation since December 2015.

The purpose of the campaign is to assess the power performance of one V112 turbine at the Ogorje site (wind turbine generator 06), and to develop a methodology using nacelle lidars. The measurement of the turbine's power curve is performed in two ways:

  1. Using a meteorology mast compliant with the IEC 61400-12-1:2017 standards
  2. Using a nacelle lidar system.

As the site is complex, a site calibration was performed in 2015 prior to the installation of the turbines. The turbine mast was decommissioned, and the reference mast remained. End of May 2017, one 4-beam Wind Iris lidar from Avent Lidar Technology was installed on the nacelle of WTG06. Measurements data were collected until mid-August 2017.

Different techniques to perform power performance testing in complex terrain using nacelle lidars are currently being developed and tested using the experimental data. Comparisons with the met. mast measurements and results of power curve measurements will be compiled in a detailed report during Fall 2017.
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