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Full scale measurement campaigns

The experimental demonstration of the developed methods will be organized around four main measurement campaigns. 

Measurement campaign 1 (MC1): description of the inflow with a scanning lidar

A research scanning lidar will be installed on the nacelle of the 500 kW Nordtank turbine at the DTU Risø Campus test site. The lidar measurements will describe the wind field in vertical planes at various distances from the rotor, thus providing a full description of the inflow, which will be used for comparison with the model developed in WP1 and to investigate the ideal parameters to be measured for power curve and loads characterisation of the wind turbine (WPs 4 and 5).

Measurement campaign 2: short range and long range measurements offshore

Both the continuous wave and pulsed nacelle lidars will be installed simultaneously on a MW turbine fully equipped with power and load sensors in flat terrain. The lidars will measure the wind profile, both in the far field and in the inflow near the rotor. The measurement configuration will be optimised according to the outcome of WP1. An upstream, hub height meteorological mast will be used as a reference to compare the results from the new methods to those from the current standard methods. This MC will give a validation of the simulations for a full scale multi-MW wind turbine in flat terrain/offshore. It will provide the power curve and load measurements based on a full description of both the free field and the near field wind, from which the relation between the near inflow and the free flow will be derived for a simple case.

Measurement campaign 3: short range measurement in complex terrain

The continuous wave lidar will be mounted on a wind turbine located in complex terrain. The purpose of this measurement campaign is to perform a power curve verification based on the near rotor inflow measurements on a wind turbine identical to that in the second measurement campaign, in order to assess how similar the ‘near field’ power curves are in complex and flat terrain.

Measurement campaign 4: long range measurements in complex terrain

The pulsed lidar will be installed on a wind turbine at another complex site to measure both the near inflow and the free flow wind field. These results will assess the accuracy of the inflow modelling in complex terrain. This requires some form of site calibration either using masts or using the nacelle lidar itself with the wind turbine not operating. The terrain topography is site specific and therefore it is very relevant to achieve a second measurement campaign in another complex site to develop a measurement procedure applicable at any site.

Horizontal scanning experiment 1

Vertical scanning experiment 1

Rotor plane scanning experiment 1

2 APRIL 2023