WP 1 & 2 presentations at EAWE PhD Seminar

Thursday 17 Sep 15


Alexander Meyer Forsting
DTU Wind
+45 93 51 11 75

Date, time & place

Date:             23 September 2015

Time:             11h30

Place:            Universität Stuttgart,

                      Pfaffenwaldring 47,

                      70569 Stuttgart

Antoine Borraccino and Alexander R. M. Forsting will present their latest results in WP1 and WP2 at the EAWE PhD seminar in Stuttgart.

The two oral presentations on “Radial wind speed uncertainty of nacelle-mounted profiling lidars” and “Analysis of Two-dimensional Inflow Measurements by Lidar-Based Wind Scanners” will take place during the remote sensing session on 23 September 2015.


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