WP5 presentation at the ICASP12 conference

Thursday 28 May 15


Nikolay Dimitrov
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind
+45 61 39 63 28

Date, time & place

Date:   15 July, 2015

Time:   11:42

Place:  Coast Plaza Hotel &

             Suites, 1763 Comox St.,

              Vancouver, Canada

Nikolay Dimitrov will present a methodology to incorporate lidar measurements in load calculations at the ICASP12 conference in Vancouver on 12-15 July, 2015.


The presentation “Reducing Wind Turbine Load Simulation Uncertainties by Means of a Constrained Gaussian Turbulence Field” (n°373) will take place on Wednesday 15 July.

Recent developments in the remote sensing technology present a possibility to measure wind velocities in multiple points in a predefined pattern, by means of multiple-beam lidars and scanning lidars. Such a multi-point measurement technology can provide significantly more information for the incoming wind compared to measurements in a single point as provided by e.g. cup or sonic anemometers. This improvement in the spatial characterization of turbulence can in turn lead to reduction in the uncertainties in load and power verification.

We demonstrate a method for incorporating wind measurements from multiple-point scanning lidars into the turbulence fields serving as input to wind turbine load simulations. The measurement values are included in the analysis by applying constraints to randomly generated turbulence fields.

The presentation covers the following:

- An introduction to the method of applying constraints to a random Gaussian field
- Analysis of different scanning patterns in terms of their efficiency in characterizing the wind field
- A numerical study showing the application of the constrained turbulence method to load simulations on a 10MW wind turbine model and the reduction of uncertainty achieved by using constraints.


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