WP1 presentation at the Wake Conference, 9-11 June 2015

Thursday 19 Mar 15


Alexander Meyer Forsting
DTU Wind
+45 93 51 11 75

Date, time & place

Date:     9-11 June, 2015

Time:     Not yet known

Place:    Visby in Sweden

              More information will follow

Alexander Raul Mayer Forsting will present his first results on induction modelling and simulations at the “ Wake conference”, 9-11 June 2015 in Visby, Sweden.

Alexander Raul Mayer Forsting presents his abstract “Blockage of laterally spaced turbines” at the conference.

The change in the individual power coefficients for a laterally aligned row of turbines over a single free turbine is studied in the context of varying inflow direction via numerical simulations, where all turbines are rotating in-line with the main flow direction. The problem definition is similar to that of many wind turbine testing sites and wind farms and thus could potentially have implications regarding power curve alidation procedures. When studying these effects, the size of the computational domain was identified to be detrimental. Increasing the misalignment of the main flow direction with the row of turbines led to relatively large variations in the power production across turbines. At the largest yaw of 45° it varied from -1.1% to 2%. As a whole, the power production increased by 0.5% and was almost independent of inflow direction.

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