UniTTe at the WindEurope Summit 2016

Saturday 10 Sep 16

Rozenn Wagner will present an overview of the project goals and status at the WindEurope Summit in Hamburg, on 27-29 September 2016. Antoine Borraccino will present wind turbine power performance verification based on reconstructed wind field parameters from two types of nacelle-mounted lidars.

The UniTTe project: goals and status

The first phase of the UniTTe project focused on wind turbine performance assessment using profiling nacelle lidars measurements taken in the rotor inflow in flat terrain. Those combine fundamental research into how the flow approaching the rotor through CFD, experimental data and detailed analysis of nacelle lidar measurements.

Testing without the need for a mast will have a major impact on prototype testing, contractual tests, and operational tests offshore and onshore, since it will allow performing more and considerably cheaper power and load verifications.

Ultimately the objective of the project is to form a sound scientific basis for the next generation of international standards for wind turbine power measurement and loads assessment. These standard procedures will reduce the measurement uncertainties and consequently result in cheaper wind turbine testing.

Power performance verification from nacelle-mounted lidars

In 2015, a 7-month full scale measurement campaign was conducted. Two nacelle-mounted lidars were installed and the data collected to verify the wind turbine’s power performance. We developed Wind Field Reconstruction techniques allowing to estimate wind characteristics (speed, direction, shear, induction factor, etc.) of the true “free stream” using lidar measurements close to the turbine’s rotor.

The methods, comparisons with IEC-compliant mast-mounted instrumentation, power curves and AEP results will be presented on Tuesday 27th September 14:30-16:00 during the session on Lidars – the zapping competition.

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